Director & Digital Storyteller

Michael Sokolar



Hi. I'm a digital storyteller, director, producer & father.
Co-founder & Creative Partner at Little Lights Studio and founder of Bedtime Stories.

After a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, I decided to start over and worked my way into directing commercials, TV shows and brand films. Over the last few years I found interest in animation and picked up my technical skills to head into digital storytelling.

While different formats demand a very unique approach, the core elements are the same – character-driven, compact storytelling.


Live Action

It all started with live action – my bread and butter. Commercials, TV shows, films or emotional brand films – telling a compelling stories in visual narratives.


Everything’s possible in animation, but the same rules apply. Compelling characters, emotional plot and engaging camera work in a world designed with love to detail.  

Digital Storytelling

The future is now and there are a whole lot of incredible ways to tell compelling stories – mobile apps, location based storytelling, augmented reality – and the list goes on and on.



We all want affirmation that our lives have meaning. And nothing creates greater affirmation than when we connect through stories.

Andrew Stanton, Disney PIXAR Studios




The NSA already takes care of our social media profiles, for everyone else who wants to get connected with me regularly, do not hesitate, I am waiting for you!



miso single - smallHair and beard may vary in length seasonaly, but basically, that’s me.

You can connect via social media, drop me a line or just give me a call. If you happen to be around my office, we’ve got great coffee!

Strozzigasse 32-34 / 2 / 6
1080 Wien . Austria

+43 1 957 77 72


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